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I wanted to share this and please pass this on. This is from Amy at the research Farm near Panora who is testing the Phyto Blend Colostrum Booster on what they are seeing on controls verses ones on Phyto Blend. Calves born to mothers on Phyto Blend are consistently a little bigger than the control calves and more active even before they suck so this is saying that Phyto Blend is actually working in the Cow already before the Calf is born. ::: (From Amy) Small example of a few things I am seeing..I have two cows one on colostrum booster one not. Same mating calf, both heifer calves, one born 3/10 one on 3/11. one on booster weighed 75 lbs and is much more active than the one not on it. The one not on it weighed 70 lbs and is not near as active.

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